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Check out these projector stands brands: Avteq, Da-Lite, Luxor, and Testrite at 3D HD Gear

These projector stands: Avteq, DaLite, Luxor and Testrite, are popular.

A projector is a device used to project an image on a screen or surface. Projectors are widely used in offices for conference viewing and other public place and even at home for entertainment.

For the projector to fulfil its purpose well, you must raise it using the projector stands. These projector stands need little installation, are easily portable, require less permanent fixtures, and are specially made to enhance the viewing experience.

The following are some of the popular stands brands available;

Avteq projector stands

Avteq is a nationally renowned leading manufacturer of audio visual carts and stands as well as other furniture. The company has manufactured a projector floor stand that is 32 inches high and installed with wheels for ease of movement.

The projector floor stands referred to as Avteq GM-200P comes with a standard PSM-200 M-Audio speaker. The stand is fitted a tempered, tinted locking front glass door and has an adjustable height.

Da-Lite projector stands

Da-lite is a famous projector screen designer and stands maker. The company range of projector stands is known to be highly versatile, durable, and easily portable.

The company has a broad range of stands from the dual height adjustable shelf stand, piggyback stand, projection cart tilting shelf and many others.

Customers can browse projector stands at the company’s website to get a comprehensive list Da-lite project stands.

Luxor projector stands

Luxor furniture has designed a perfect mobile project stand with a top shelf that can be assembled forward or back.

The stand has an adjustable height and has separated surfaces to hold the PC and the projector. The Luxor projector stand is ideal for either a presentation while standing or seated due to a middle shelf holding the pc that is adjustable.

Testrite Projector stands

Testrite is another favourite brand available at 3dhdgear and is perfectly designed for projection purposes. The projector stand is fitted with a telescoping aluminium stand and a non-skid rubber clad aluminium top.

What to look for in a stand

When going for a projector stand one should consider many factors ranging from material durability, accessories, and space. Factors like space will determine whether you go for a folding projector shelf stand or a large wheeled projector stand.

For instance, when you are choosing stands based on materials, you may want to avoid the steel projector stands because they generate a lot of heat; and these projector stands retain heat as well. One may consider perhaps projector stand made of aluminium instead.

In the case of accessories, you may want to consider the needs involved, what features do you want to have on the stands, and the accessories available in case of breakages or wear.

The brand names mentioned above are just a few top rated brands that have good customer acceptance. The customers looking to shop for projection stands can do so at authorized dealers and they are assured of a product warranty.

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